Graffathon 2017

Schedule may have some changes.

Friday 30.6.

17:00 Doors open
18:00 Opening ceremony
18:30 Demoscene: 30 years of creative programming
19:45 Basics of demo programming with Processing
20:45 Team up for people who have no team

Doors close around midnight.

Saturday 1.7.

8:00 Doors open
16:00 Three years of lessons learned from PC demo making

We are open the night from Saturday to Sunday.

Sunday 2.7.

14:00 Deadline for demos
14:15 Basics of modern rendering pipeline presentation by Futuremark
15:05 FutuLabs presentation by Futurice
16:15 BBQ
17:45 Advanced compo
18:15 Beginner compo
21:00 Awards